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Who We Are

FIO was born and raised in the USA on a small farm (literally, a farm) in the Chicago suburbs. Our President has 30+ years of experience and has worked for Fortune 500 Companies. Our Web Development power girl has been working along side her for over 9 years, and our newest member graduated from Tribeca Media Arts Academy of Chicago focusing in Animation, Visual Effects, and Video Production. We might seem small but we love to Farm it Out! which is why we have collected a very strong team of outsources we wholeheartedly trust for specific needs.

What We Do

Farm It Out! Design, Inc. (FIO) is a full service graphic design firm. We take care of ALL marketing needs, from the tiniest logo tweak to a full branding package. We believe in what we call a “marketing ecosystem”, so not only do we work with top industry professionals, we acknowledge the interconnection of all marketing elements. And with over 30 years of industry experience, we know how to bring your brand to life!



How We Help Your Business Grow

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is our bread & butter! What does that mean for your company? You’ll have over 30 years of industry experience overseeing all of your design needs, big and small. It’s what we do and we love it!
Logo Design

Logo Design

Your logo–it’s who you are! It’s the most critical part of your business’s identity.  A logo or brand should visually convey information about your company. And it should look cool! If your logo looks like a cow pie, let us clean up the mess! Call us. We’re out standing in our field.

Print Design

Print Design

Have you ever gone to whip out your business card & realized you don’t have one? Or maybe someone’s just dyin’ to know more & you wished you had a brochure to give them? Our designs catch the eye & the imagination!
Web Design


Here at FIO we believe in what we like to call the “wow, that’s cool” effect. Your website is your company’s face and it’s the best way for customers get to know your business! We’ll make it count.
Mobile App Design

Mobile Apps

Why a mobile app? Wait for it…wait for it…BOOM! That’s what mobile apps are doing on the web right now! Mobile sales are exploding on the internet and we’re here to make sure your company gets in on the action.
Video Design & Development


There once was a sad company who just couldn’t get ahead on Google and Yahoo searches. One day it met a beautiful promotional video and shot right up to the top of the page! If you’re a damsel in distress, we can help.

Farm It Out! Design, Inc.

We’re not just a graphic design firm, we’re a full service design firm. We can take care of your logo, print work, mobile apps, videos, and more!

*Make sure to change the video’s quality settings to 1080p for full resolution

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us


Richmond Spring Grove Chamber

“Dear Mo – Thank you so much for all you do for the RSG Chamber. Your hard work and efforts DO NOT go unnoticed. I appreciate you and all you do.” – Barb Leschke, Executive Director of Richmond Spring Grove Chamber of Commerce

Connections Ministry

“Dear Maureen, On behalf of Church of the Resurrection, I would like to thank you for your time and effort in helping us design a new pew card for our church. We really appreciate you and we really appreciate your help.” Kim McConnell, Connections Ministry


“Mo is positive, energetic and “gets the job done”! She is a pleasure to work with and understands the degree of urgency and professionalism required for project. She is a talented designer who delivers quality design and is a pleasure to work with on every project!” Lynn Boyce Campbell, Marketing Communications Consultant at Siemens Infrastructure and Cities

The Montclair Group

“Our creative firm worked for Mo at WAMU, reality it was a collaborative effort on every project. Mo was the client but much more she was an integral part of our creative team. Great ideas, forward thinking, lots of laughs no matter what the deadline or stress. Highly recommend.” Dennis Madej , SR VP PFS Marketwyse


“Mo is a highly creative detail oriented professional that brings a wealth of knowledge to any project she touches. Her “out of the box” creativity provide her customers true innovative branding ideas reinforcing their brand and sometimes creating an entirely new direction for companies. If you haven’t worked with Mo on a project, I suggest you do before wasting precious time and money on marketing agencies that may or may not take the time to truly understand the essence of your company. Mo creates branding and ideas that are truly experiential which relate to the potential customer. I would strongly recommend you get in touch with Mo on your next Marketing and Creative project.” Jason Gobeyn, Vice President of Business Development at Derse

New Leaf Communications Group

“Mo’s impressive portfolio speaks for itself. She is a senior level designer with the creative instinct to drive brand expression and engage with a complete range of audiences, B-B or B-C. I admire her enthusiasm and unique approach to each new assignment. She can zoom-in to manage the details and zoom-out to art direct any creative project, in any medium. Mo is the consummate professional. Our career paths have criss-crossed over the past 20 years. We’ve enjoyed many brainstorming sessions and shared lots of belly laughs! She is a talented artist and an astute businesswoman, and I highly recommend her work.” Natalie Scholberg, New Leaf Communications

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